Chateau GRAND BARI s.r.o.

Chateau GRAND BARI s.r.o.

We can talk about how lucky we are to have the Tokaj wine-growing area. It is small, but it is one of the five areas in the world where it is possible to grow the grapevines to produce naturally sweet wines. After conquering Pannonia, the Romans brought vines (furmint) with them. Based on archival documents, we learn that the wine soon began to be sought after by royal courts and princes for its exceptional taste and other benefits. Over time, the drink from Tokaj reached the higher circles of prestige. This extraordinary drink was used by people to lift their spirits, but also to strengthen health. It has the reputation of being an excellent aphrodisiac, it has a beneficial effect on fertility, it increases sexual vitality and potency. It is loving and generates love.

It’s noble and secret….


We are a young, dynamic and fast-growing wine company operating in the Tokaj region, in the village of Veľká Bara. We produce wine from the grapes from our own vineyards from the Bara Tokaj zone with an area of about 60ha. Our goal is to produce the highest quality Tokaj wine and to grow the finest grapes that this unique jewel of Slovakia gives us.

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