Chateau GRAND BARI s.r.o.

Chateau GRAND BARI s.r.o.


Area: Tokaj

Volume: 0,75l

Alcohol: 12,5%


Wine with a protected designation of origin, quality branded wine with the attribute selection of grapes, white, dry



Taste and sensory characteristics:

In the aroma and taste, sun-drenched beautiful autumn meadows with a classy, ​​scent of cibebas and autumn leaves. As soon as these meadows ripened, they were immediately rolled. They have lied like a couple, where she feels is the most beautiful woman in the world, and he knows she is ALPHA.

Serving instructions:

Chilled at 11 ° C, in white wine glasses

Maturation in bottle:

5 years

Characteristics of the vintage:

We rate the year 2017 as truly exceptional. Not only did we manage to grow grapes of the highest quality, but also the total quantity we harvested was many times higher than in previous years. And the biggest surprise is our cibébas crop, which we even counted in tons!