Chateau GRAND BARI s.r.o.

Chateau GRAND BARI s.r.o.

CASSAVITA – Official wine of Košice

Residual sugar: 6.4 g/l

Area: Tokaj

Volume: 0.75L

Alcohol: 12.5 %


Wine with a protected mark of origin, quality branded wine, white, dry


Furmint from the vineyard of the City of Košice

Taste and sensory characteristics:

CASSAVITA is a golden coupage of Furmint, which is unique, just like Košice. It’s alluring scent of tropical fruits, maracuja, figs, nectar of yellow melon, as well as flakes of quince. The taste is complex, pulsing, fruity, fresh with touch of mandarin and a long spicy flavour.

Food recommendation:

This wine is recommended with duck breast, grilled boy choy and onion-garlic purée

Serving instructions:

Strongly cooled to a temperature of 9 °C, in goblets for white wine

Maturation in bottle:

Up to 5 years

Characteristics of the vintage:

We limed our vineyards with dolomitic limestone to support the distinctive structure and mineral content of the resulting wine. The 2016 season was characterized by high rainfall. The grapes had a distinctive acid, which helped us create juicy-tasting wines. The sugar-free extract this season was more than 28 g.

The story of this wine:

CASSAVITA wine was created with the aim of returning the 14th century tradition whereby Košice had a monopoly of the wine trade. Later in the 16th century, Košice had its own vineyards in Tokaj. That's why we decided to bring back this tradition and symbolically hand over 1 hectare of vineyard to the city. From this land we produce CASSAVITA wine, which begins a new chapter for Košice wine. One euro from the sale of each bottle of this wine outside the volume destined for the City of Košice will be handed over to the restoration of the city's cultural monument, which the Košice people themselves chose at the Košice wine festival of 2017. This monument is Urban's tower.