Chateau GRAND BARI s.r.o.

Chateau GRAND BARI s.r.o.

Barisecco Strik

Area: Tokaj

Volume: 0.75L

Alcohol: 5,6 %


Mixed carbonated alcoholic drink made from wine


Cuvée Furmint and Yellow Muscat

Taste and sensory characteristics:

A light summer strik from your favorite BARISECCO. A powerful nutmeg aroma intertwined with taste of fresh tropical fruit, passionate effervescence and low alcohol will perfectly refresh you not only on hot summer days.

Food recommendation:

We recommend Strik for refreshing drinks on terraces and at barbecues. It goes well with salads and as a welcome drink.

Serving instructions:

Cooled to a temperature of 6 - 8 °C, served in champagne flutes

The story of this wine:

Barisecco is a lightly carbonated sparkling wine. It has a light greenish yellow colour with a fine sparkle. It has a refreshing scent with a delicate breath of muscat, a taste with citrus tones and pleasant fresh acids on the tongue. It is a light modern wine, ideal for hot summer evenings.