Chateau GRAND BARI s.r.o.

Chateau GRAND BARI s.r.o.

Tokaj 6-puttonyos

Residual sugar: 165,5 g/l

Area: Tokaj

Volume: 0,5l

Alcohol: 10,5%


Wine with a protected mark of origin, Tokaj selection 6-puttonyos, white, sweet


Furmint, Hárslevelű and Yellow Muscat

Taste and sensory characteristics:

Flawlessly balanced wine for the real bon vivant with a stamp of propolis and mint. The taste is full of candied apricots in vanilla cream. Enjoy this Tokaj selection at the beginning of your journey.

Food recommendation:

This dessert wine is suitable as an aperitif for important events.

Serving instructions:

Chilled at 12 ° C, in white wine glasses

Maturation in bottle:

With proper storage for several years

The story of this wine:

The Tokaj 6-puttonyos selection is made by the traditional oxidative method with a minimum of 150 g / l of residual sugar. The wine matured in Gönc barrels for more than 3 years to acquire its unmistakable character.