Chateau GRAND BARI s.r.o.

Chateau GRAND BARI s.r.o.

Furmint dry

Zbytkový cukor: 1.2 g/l

Oblasť: Tokaj

Objem: 0.75L

Alkohol: 11 %


Wine with a protected mark of origin, quality wine with designation, late harvest, white, dry



Chuťové a senzorické vlastnosti:

The character of this season of Furmint is represented in the aroma by the fragrance of green apple cores with an edge of mandarin. The taste is fruity at first with greenish lime tones. It has a dry appearance, with a long spicy flavour created by the grape pips and the heat of green spice.

Doporučujeme k jedlu:

We recommend this wine with fish, chicken and grilled specialities

Podávanie vína:

Cooled to a temperature of 9 - 11 °C, in goblets for white wine

Fľašová zrelosť:

2 to 5 years

Charakteristika ročníka:

We limed our vineyards with dolomitic limestone to support the distinctive structure and mineral content of the resulting wine. The 2016 season was characterized by high rainfall. The grapes had a distinctive acid, which helped us create juicy-tasting wines. The sugar-free extract this season was more than 29 g.

Príbeh vína:

This is the highest yielding Tokaj variety. The wine is typical for its higher acid content and fruitful freshness. This gives it structure and long life. The grape is ideal for making botrytized grapes. The grape variety comes from Italy and is said to be a distant relative of the Chardonnay variety.